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Monitoring module

MODEL: PL-2063, PL-4063, PL-2100, PL-400

MSC Total Power Line Monitoring Module

Power System Voltage Stability
A power system operating condition should be stable, meeting various operational criteria,and it should also be secured in the event of credible contingency at any point of time. Here are some of the most common power supply problems and their likely effect on sensitive equipment.

Power Surges
Power surges can occur due to sudden spark of lightning bolts, which interferes with the inflow of electricity into the circuit. Lightning can increase the electrical harge/ pressure in the power line or circuit,causing surges of electricity reaching the devices.

Over voltage and Under voltage
Over voltage is a condition in which voltage is higher than the level which a device or circuit is designed to operate. The most damaging over voltage are caused by over supply in electricity e.g. when a lightning struck the power grid.

Under voltage is a decrease in voltage below 90% of its normal value for more than one minute. Undervoltage often goes unnoticed. Besides the obvious malfunction of equipment, chronic under voltage can cause excessive wear on certain devices such as motors as they tend to run overly hot if the voltage is low.

Power Dips(Sags)
Voltage dips are short duration reductions in the rms voltage, typically lasting from a cycle to a second or so. Voltage sags are caused by abrupt increases in loads such as short circuit or system faults, starting current drawn by motors, transformer or electric heaters turning on, or a loose connection.

Phase Lost and Phase Unbalance
The loss of single phase on a three-phase line may be due to a downed power line or a blown pole-top fuse on the utility system. Phase loss may also result from a single-phase over load condition causing one fuse to blow, or an equipment failure with in your facility. Loss of phase is essentially an extreme phase unbalance and can damage equipment.

MSC Power Line
MSC Power Line voltage monitoring module disconnects AC-powered user equipment from an AC power line whenever the AC power line voltage is outside a predetermined operating voltage window. The module is manually reset by user to the power line only upon the power line voltage remains continuously within the operating voltage window for a predetermined delay period. The module protects the user equipment from power line problems/ faults as mentioned above.