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Surge Protection Devices - For AC Power

RAYTON AC Surge Protection Device for Industrial Machines

Why you should choose RAYTON SPDs?
  • Prolong your equipments life span almost double or triple times.
  • Reduce equipments downtimes hence reduce maintenance cost.
  • Easy to install - Parallel connection, no changes on existing panel wiring.
  • Does not disconnect your machine from supply when experience a transient surge.
  • Rugged enclosure made of stainless steel.
  • Designed and manufactured in Malaysia.

Basic Application
  • Milling Machine
  • Latte Machine
  • Wire Cut Machine
  • Grinder Machine
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Router Machine,etc.

The Importance of Surge Protection Device for your machines.

**Advances in semiconductor processing technology, producing devices with smaller and smaller geometrics, have limited ability of these devices to absorb transient energy.

**Transients can interrupt the normal timing of motor and result in “micro-jogging”. This type of disruption produces motor vibration, noise and excessive heat. Motor can become degrade by transient activity to the point that they produce transients continually which accelerates the failure of other servo drives and controls boards.

**Transient Voltage Surge Suppression is the most immediately apparent, and the most cost-effective means of protecting your machines power quality.

Why should I do anything special to my machines? Its been fine up to now…
The impact caused by the transient voltage surges on your equipment is cumulative. The damages are not noticeable at this moment but gradually it is reducing the life span of your sensitive electronics components that you have been unable to diagnose.

Is it viable to install RAYTON SPD on to our machine?
Priority to reduce losses for each machine downtime should be Priority to reduce losses for each machine downtime should be your main concern in any businesses. Losses incurred in costly repair and consequently lost of valued sales can be minimized. For peace of mind, install our RAYTON SPD for a greater returns in benefit that would save you thousands of Ringgit caused by surge events.You can be assured of there turn on investment for many years and beyond.

Our Customer testimonials and satisfaction
We receive testimonials from our many satisfied customers which had effectively reduced their machine downtime after installation of our well tested equipment.

What are Surges/ Transient voltage?
Basically, a transient voltage surge is a random, high energy, short duration changes in voltage or current that occur over a short period of time. The interval usually may last anywhere from tens of nanoseconds to a few milliseconds.

Where are the Surges/ Transient come from?
External Source:

**Lightning is the most well known of the externally generated transients.

**Switching of facility loads, opening and closing of disconnects on energized power lines, switching of capacitor banks, re-closure operations and tap changing on transformers at power sub-station can all caused transients.

**Another common source, unknown to many, is neighboring businesses. Any transient activities generated on his premises will affect your electrical main. Remember, both premises are connected physically at the secondary side of the transformer from power line.

Internal Source:

Whether due to intentional or unintentional operations, the vast majority transient surges are generated from within the factory facilities. The transient/ surges are produced almost every minute in a factory especially those have a lot of CNC machines.Each time you turn on, turn off, load or unload an inductive device such as motor, inverter, spindle/ servodrive, compressor and transformer, you produced a transient surge. compressor and transformer, you produced a transient surge. The inductive“kick”from a 5-horsepower motor turning on can produce transient in excess of 1,000volts.

Sources of switching and oscillatory surges includes:

  • Contactor, relay and break eroperations
  • Switching of capacitor banks and loads
  • Discharge of inductive devices(motor,transformers,etc)
  • Loose connections
  • Fault or arc initiation
  • Arcing(ground)faults
  • Power system recovery(from outage)


MS IEC 61643-1:2006
(Clause 7.9.8 – dielectric withstand)
German Technology
Made in Malaysia

General Specification and Features
40-160kA per phase
Modes of protection:L-N.L-G,N-G,L-L
Response time: <5 nanosecond
10 - 18 AWG connection cable
Thermally protected varistors with integral fuse element
Neon Light status indication for each phase
Phase rotation checking
Form C relay contacts for remote alarm
EMI/RFI Filter on certain model
Stainless steel enclosure

SPD Type: Type 2
In: 20kA
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage(MCOV): 115% Rated Line Voltage
Surge Current/Phase(8/20μs) RT40 1 Event:40kA; RT80 1 Event:80kA;
RT120 1 Event:120kA; RT160 1 Event:160kA
Response time: <5ns
Status Indicators: Neon Light Status Indicators
Modes of Protection: L-N, L-G, L-L, N-G
Operating Altitude: 13,000ft.(4000m)
Temp.(Operating/Storage): -40℃ to +70℃
Enclosure: Stainless Steel
Cable Connection: 10-18 AWG
Standard: Components comply to CE

Available Configurations

Model Number Power Service Desciption Surge Current Capacity
RTXX-1P240 240 VAC Single-Phase, 2W+G 40kA/phase
RTXX-2P240 120/240 VAC Split Phase, 3W+G 40kA/phase
RTXX-2P415 240/415 VAC
RTXX-3P240-N 120/240 VAC Three-Phase, 4W-G 40kA/phase
RTXX-3P240-G 120/240 VAC Three-Phase, 3W-G
RTXX-3P415-N 240/415 VAC Three-Phase, 4W-G
RTXX-3P415-G 240/415 VAC Three-Phase, 3W-G

Remarks: XX denotes surge rating per phase (40, 80, 120, 160)kA
Other spec and ratings are custome fabrication based on request.
In an effort to improve our products, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.