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Surge Protection Devices

For CCTV and Surveillance System

Surge Protection Devices for CCTV and Surveillance System

  • A truly High-End Spec Surge Protection Devices at Lower Prices
  • Prolong your equipments life span almost double or tripletimes
  • Original international branded components used
  • Designed and manufactured in Malaysia

RAYTON Surge Protection Devices(SPDs)offer best-in-class surge protection for almost any products application in power, instrumentations and controls, network and data lines, coax and etc.

RAYTON SPDs are designed to limit transient voltage of atmospheric origin and divert current waves to earth. By limit the amplitude of this over voltage to a value that is not hazardous to electronic devices while at the same time allowing normal voltage to continue along its path.

Your ultimate way to protect CCTV & Surveillance System
How RAYTON SPD works
2 modes of protection technology:
  1. Common Mode:diverting the surge current to earth
  2. Differential Mode:diverting the surge current between pair of signal line a sheat dissipation
  3. High Performance model with Solid-State Resettable Fuse(option)The RAYTON SPDs are designed according to IEC61643-22 which defines the characteristic and test for SPD connected to telecommunication and signaling network.
Notes: UL recognized components inside - File E153537
Product Features:
Maintenance Free
  • Series connection
  • Line to line, line to ground protection
  • Low Capacitance
  • High Discharge Current
  • Using multilevel protection circuit with international branded components
  • Low let-through or clamping voltage (Vp)
  • High current limit (300A) allow usage in wide range of system
  • Continuous and repeated protection in intense environment
  • RoHS

RAYTON SPDs always protect your electronic equipments

For Video

The RT-VDO is a single channel,coaxial cideo surge protector for camera or head-end applications. For complete protection, install this device at both the camera and head-end of the system. BNC male to female connecor or BNC female to female connector.

For Video Plus DC Power

The RT-VDPS is designed to provide 12vDC power and cosxial video surge protection. BNC female and screw terminal block for input and output


The RT-DATA is designed to provide 5VDC network and data lines surge protection. The unit has standard Rj-45 jack for easy connection with all line (1-8) protected. *Full Pair Protection RJ45 jack for input and output

For Power Over Ethernet

The RT-POE is designed to provide Ethernet line and POE devices surge protection. 5V Data pins 1,2,3,6 48V POE pins 4,5(+),7,8(-) RJ45 jack for input and output

For AC Power

The RT-1P240/RT80-3P415 are designed to protect AC power source for equipment's used in single phase 240VAC or 3phs 415VAC

For Video

The RT-4VDO is a 4-channels, coaxial video surge protector. It is cost effective and ideally suited for multi-input video devices such as DVR BNC female to female connector

For RS485 Data Plus DC Power

For RS485+P is designed to protect the RS485 data lines and DC power source. Screw terminal block for input and output

For RS232 Signal

For RS232 Signal is designed to protect serial communication of data such as computer terminal, modem, and other peripheral device. D-Sud 9 Pin/25 Pin

For Video

The RT-16VDO is a 16-channals, coaxial video surge protector. It is cost effective and ideally suited for multi input video devices such as DVR BNC female to female connector

For RS485 Data ,DC Power and Video

The RT-RS485+VDPS designed to protect the RS485 data lines, DC power source and video BNC female to female connector Screw terminal block for input and output